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2021, Jun 03

GH Labs names Dr. Shashi Buluswar new CEO

GH Labs

2021, Mar 29 | MIT Technology Review

Keeping covid vaccines cold isn’t easy. These ideas could help.

Wudan Yan
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2021, Jan 30 | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

How the ultra-cold Ebola vaccine reached 300,000 people in Africa — and what we can learn for COVID

James Purtill
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2020, Dec 21 | Reuters

On Congo’s muddy trails, lessons for a global COVID vaccine rollout

Hereward Holland
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2020, Dec 03 | NBC News

NBC Nightly News Kids

2020, Dec 02 | NBC Today Show

NBC Today Show Twitter

2020, Nov 16 | Science Magazine

Temperature concerns could slow the rollout of new coronavirus vaccines

Jocelyn Kaiser
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2020, Nov 15 | The Telegraph

How a deep-frozen vaccine reached 400,000 people, helped stop Ebola and holds hope for coronavirus

Jennifer Rigby
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