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2022, Oct 10 | Scientific Reports

Metagenomic DNA sequencing to quantify Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA and diagnose tuberculosis

Adrienne Chang, Omary Mzava, Liz-Audrey Kounatse Djomnang, Joan Sesing Lenz, Philip Burnham, Peter Kaplinsky, Alfred Andama, John Connelly, Christine M. Bachman, Adithya Cattamanchi, Amy Steadman, Iwijn De Vlaminck

2022, Sep 23 | Science Direct

Retrofitting stoves with forced jets of primary air improves speed, emissions, and efficiency: Evidence from six types of biomass cookstoves

Samuel Bentson, David Evitt, Dean Still, Daniel Lieberman, Nordica MacCarty

2022, Jul 21 | Nature Communications

A metagenomic DNA sequencing assay that is robust against environmental DNA contamination

Omary Mzava, Alexandre Pellan Cheng, Adrienne Chang, Sami Smalling, Liz-Audrey Kounatse Djomnang, Joan Sesing Lenz, Randy Longman, Amy Steadman, Luis G. Gómez-Escobar, Edward J. Schenck, Mirella Salvatore, Michael J. Satlin, Manikkam Suthanthiran, John R. Lee, Christopher E. Mason, Darshana Dadhania, Iwijn De Vlaminck

2022, May 11 | Scientific Reports

Rapid, sensitive, and low‑cost detection of Escherichia coli bacteria in contaminated water samples using a phage‑based assay

Luis F. Alonzo, Paras Jain, Troy Hinkley, Nick Clute Reinig, Spencer Garing, Ethan Spencer, Van T. T. Dinh, David Bell, Sam Nugen, Kevin P. Nichols, Anne Laure M. Le Ny

2022, Apr 25 | Malaria Journal

Field evaluation of the diagnostic performance of EasyScan GO: a digital malaria microscopy device based on machine-learning

Debashish Das, Ranitha Vongpromek, Thanawat Assawariyathipat, Ketsanee Srinamon, Kalynn Kennon, Kasia Stepniewska, Aniruddha Ghose, Abdullah Abu Sayeed, M. Abul Faiz, Rebeca Linhares Abreu Netto, Andre Siqueira, Serge R. Yerbanga, Jean Bosco Ouédraogo, James J. Callery, Thomas J. Peto, Rupam Tripura, Felix Koukouikila-Koussounda, Francine Ntoumi, John Michael Ong’echa, Bernhards Ogutu, Prakash Ghimire, Jutta Marfurt, Benedikt Ley, Amadou Seck, Magatte Ndiaye, Bhavani Moodley, Lisa Ming Sun, Laypaw Archasuksan, Stephane Proux, Sam L. Nsobya, Philip J. Rosenthal, Matthew P. Horning, Shawn K. McGuire, Courosh Mehanian, Stephen Burkot, Charles B. Delahunt, Christine Bachman, Ric N. Price, Arjen M. Dondorp, François Chappuis, Philippe J. Guérin, Mehul Dhorda

2022, Jan 28 | The Royal Society of Chemistry

A microfluidic device and instrument prototypes for the detection of Escherichia coli in water samples using a phage-based bioluminescence assay

Luis F. Alonzo, Troy C. Hinkley, Andrew Miller, Ryan Calderon, Spencer Garing, John Williford, Nick Clute-Reinig, Ethan Spencer, Michael Friend, Damian Madan, Van T. T. Dinh, David Bell, Bernhard H. Weigl, Sam R. Nugen, Kevin P. Nichols, Anne-Laure M. Le Ny

2021, Oct 26 | Clinical Chemistry

Measurement Biases Distort Cell-Free DNA Fragmentation Profiles and Define the Sensitivity of Metagenomic Cell-Free DNA Sequencing Assays

Adrienne Chang, Omary Mzava, Joan S Lenz, Alexandre P Cheng, Philip Burnham, S Timothy Motley, Crissa Bennett, John T Connelly, Darshana M Dadhania, Manikkam Suthanthiran, John R Lee, Amy Steadman, Iwijn De Vlaminck

2021, Aug 17 | iScience

Kinetic analysis of Cas12a and Cas13a RNA-Guided nucleases for development of improved CRISPR-Based diagnostics

Eric A. Nalefski, Nidhi Patel, Philip J.Y. Leung, Zeba Islam, Remy M. Kooistra, Ishira Parikh, Estelle Marion, Gavin J. Knott, Jennifer A. Doudna, Anne-Laure M. Le Ny, Damian Madan

2021, May 17 | PLOS ONE

Characterization of oral swab samples for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Rachel C. Wood, Alfred Andama, Gleda Hermansky, Stephen Burkot, Lucy Asege, Mukwatamundu Job, David Katumba, Martha Nakaye, Sandra Z. Mwebe, Jerry Mulondo, Christine M. Bachman, Kevin P. Nichols, Anne-Laure M. Le Ny, Corrie Ortega, Rita N. Olson, Kris M. Weigel, Alaina M. Olson, Damian Madan, David Bell, Adithya Cattamanchi, William Worodria, Fred C. Semitala, Akos Somoskovi, Gerard A. Cangelosi, Kyle J. Minch

2021, Mar 05 | BMC Pulmonary Medicine

A feasibility study evaluating a reservoir storage system for continuous oxygen delivery for children with hypoxemia in Kenya

Dickson Otiangala, Nicholas O. Agai, Bernard Olayo, Steve Adudans, Chin Hei Ng, Ryan Calderon, Ella Forgie, Christine Bachman, Daniel Lieberman, David Bell, Michael Hawkes, Akos Somoskovi

2021, Mar 05 | Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

Effects of image capture and correction approaches on quantifying results of lateral flow assays with mobile phones

Wenbo Wang, Liming Hu, Matthew D. Keller

2021, Feb 25 | Analytical Chemistry

Multiplexed and extraction-free amplification for simplified SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests.

Byrnes, Samantha; Gallagher, Ryan; Steadman, Amy; Bennett, Crissa; Rivera, Rafael; Ortega, Corrie; Motley, S.; Jain, Paras; Weigl, Bernhard; Connelly, John

2021, Feb 25 | Malaria Journal

Performance of a fully‐automated system on a WHO malaria microscopy evaluation slide set

Matthew P. Horning, Charles B. Delahunt, Christine M. Bachman, Jennifer Luchavez, Christian Luna, Liming Hu, Mayoore S. Jaiswal, Clay M. Thompson, Sourabh Kulhare, Samantha Janko, Benjamin K. Wilson, Travis Ostbye, Martha Mehanian, Roman Gebrehiwot, Grace Yun, David Bell, Stephane Proux, Jane Y. Carter, Wellington Oyibo, Dionicia Gamboa, Mehul Dhorda, Ranitha Vongpromek, Peter L. Chiodini, Bernhards Ogutu, Earl G. Long, Kyaw Tun, Thomas R. Burkot, Ken Lilley, Courosh Mehanian

2020, Dec 08 | ChemRxiv

A SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus nucleocapsid protein antigen-detecting lateral flow assay

Grant, Ben; Anderson, Caitlin; Garing, Spencer; Alonzo, Luis; Williford, John; Baughman, Ted; Glukhova, Veronika; Boyle, David; Weigl, Bernhard; Nichols, Kevin

2020, Dec 01 | Veterinary Parasitology

An alternative cold chain for storing and transporting East Coast fever vaccine

David Kalenzi Atuhaire, Daniel Lieberman, Tanguy Marcotty, Antony Jim Musoke, Damian Madan

2020, Oct 29 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Algorithms to predict moisture content of grain using relative humidity time-series

Charles B. Delahunt, Wenbo Wang, Simon Ghionea, Andrew Miller, Austin Chan, Anjali Sehrawat, Courosh Mehanian, Michael Friend

2020, Oct 22 | Journal of Bacteriology

Nanoluciferase Reporter Mycobacteriophage for Sensitive and Rapid Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Drug Susceptibility

Paras Jain, Spencer Garing, Deepshikha Verma, Rajagopalan Saranathan, Nicholas Clute-Reinig, Jacob Gadwa, Chelsea Peterson, Gleda Hermansky, Anna Astashkina Fernandez, Emmanuel Asare, Torin R. Weisbrod, Ethan Spencer, Claire V. Mulholland, Michael Berney, David Bell, Kevin P. Nichols, Anne-Laure M. Le Ny, Diane Ordway, William R. Jacobs Jr., Akos Somoskovi, Kyle J. Minch

2020, Oct 14 | Infectious Agents and Cancer

Design and feasibility of a novel program of cervical screening in Nigeria: Self-sampled HPV testing paired with visual triage

Kanan T. Desai, Kayode O. Ajenifuja, Adekunbiola Banjo, Clement A. Adepiti, Akiva Novetsky, Cathy Sebag, Mark H. Einstein, Temitope Oyinloye, Tamara R. Litwin, Matt Horning, Fatai Olatunde Olanrewaju, Mufutau Muphy Oripelaye, Esther Afolabi, Oluwole O. Odujoko, Philip E. Castle, Sameer Antani, Ben Wilson, Liming Hu, Courosh Mehanian, Maria Demarco, Julia C. Gage, Zhiyun Xue, Leonard R. Long, Li Cheung, Didem Egemen, Nicolas Wentzensen, Mark Schiffman

2020, Sep 20 | Microbiology Resource Announcements

Genome Sequences of 38 Bacteriophages Infecting Escherichia coli, Isolated from Raw Sewage

Troy C. Hinkley, Spencer Garing, Nick Clute-Reinig, Ethan Spencer, Paras Jain, Luis F. Alonzo, Anne-Laure M. Le Ny

2020, Sep 09 | Scientific Reports

Optical tracking and laser-induced mortality of insects during flight

Matthew D. Keller, Bryan J. Norton, David J. Farrar, Phil Rutschman, Maclen Marvit, Arty Makagon

2020, Aug 31 | BMC Pulmonary Medicine

Efficacy and safety of oxygen-sparing nasal reservoir cannula for treatment of pediatric hypoxemic pneumonia in Uganda: a pilot randomized clinical trial

Jerry Mulondo, Stella Maleni, Hellen Aanyu-Tukamuhebwa, Ezekiel Mupere, Alfred Onubia Andama, Chin Hei Ng, Stephen Burkot, Ella M. E. Forgie, Qaasim Mian, Christine M. Bachman, Gerard Rummery, Daniel Lieberman, David Bell, Michael T. Hawkes, Akos Somoskovi

2020, Jul 24

Antibody screening results for anti-nucleocapsid antibodies towards the development of a SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen detecting lateral flow assay

David Cate, Helen Hsieh, Veronika Glukhova, Joshua D Bishop, H Gleda Hermansky, Brianda Barrios-Lopez, Ben D Grant, Caitlin E Anderson, Ethan Spencer, Samantha Kuhn, Ryan Gallagher, Rafael Rivera, Crissa Bennett, Sam A Byrnes, John T Connelly, Puneet K Dewan, David S. Boyle, Bernhard H Weigl, Kevin P Nichols

2020, Jul 20 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Deep learning-based image evaluation for cervical precancer screening with a smartphone targeting low resource settings – engineering approach

Liming Hu, Matthew P. Horning, Dipayan Banik, Olusegun Kayode Ajenifuja, Clement Akinfolarin Adepiti, Karen Yeates, Zac Mtema, Ben Wilson, Courosh Mehanian

2020, Jul 01 | Analytical Chemistry

SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus nucleocapsid antigen-detecting half-strip lateral flow assay toward the development of point of care tests using commercially available reagents

Grant, Benjamin; Anderson, Caitlin; Williford, John; Alonzo, Luis; Glukhova, Veronika; Boyle, David; Weigl, Bernhard; Nichols, Kevin

2020, Jun 22 | OSA Technical Digest

Potential for predicting soil properties using low cost near-infrared spectroscopy and machine learning

Wenbo Wang, Liming Hu, Benjamin K. Wilson, Matthew D. Keller

2020, Mar 18 | Sensors

A Syringe-Based Biosensor to Rapidly Detect Low Levels of Escherichia Coli (ECOR13) in Drinking Water Using Engineered Bacteriophages

Troy C. Hinkley, Spencer Garing, Paras Jain, John Williford, Anne-Laure M. Le Ny, Kevin P. Nichols, Joseph E. Peters, Joey N. Talbert, Sam R. Nugen

2020, Mar 12 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Mining spectral libraries with machine learning for soil sensing in low resource settings

Wenbo Wang, Liming Hu, James W. Stafford, Marie Connett, Benjamin K. Wilson, Matthew D. Keller

2020, Feb 10 | Pediatric Pulmonology

Oxygen insecurity and mortality in resource‐constrained healthcare facilities in rural Kenya

Otiangala, Dickson; Agai, Nicholas O.; Olayo, Bernard; Adudans, Steve; Ng, Chin Hei; Calderon, Ryan; Forgie, Ella; Bachman, Christine; Lieberman, Daniel; Bell, David; Hawkes, Michael; Somoskovi, Akos

2020, Feb 03 | Translational Animal Science

Using on-demand dry ice production as an alternative cryogenic cold chain for bovine artificial insemination outreach in low-resource settings

Mark Kuiper, Maribeth Spencer, Benon M Kanyima, Chin H Ng, Mark Newell, Silver Turyahikayo, Nathaniel Makoni, Damian Madan, Daniel H Lieberman

2020, Jan 30 | Analytical Chemistry

Wash-free, digital immunoassay in polydisperse droplets

Byrnes, Samantha; Huynh, Toan; Chang, Tim; Anderson, Caitlin; McDermott, James; Oncina, Ciela; Weigl, Bernhard; Nichols, Kevin

2020, Jan 09 | ChemRxiv

Screening antibodies raised against the spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 to support the development of rapid antigen assays

David M. Cate, Caitlin A. Anderson, Luis F. Alonzo, VeronikaGlukhova, Gleda Hermansky, Brianda Barrios-Lopez, Ethan Spencer, Samantha Kuhn, Zeba Islam,, Benjamin D. Grant, PuneetK. Dewan, Bernhard H. Weigl, Kevin P. Nichols

2019, Nov 04 | Applied Spectroscopy

Evaluating low-cost optical spectrometers for the detection of simulated substandard and falsified medicines

Wenbo Wang, Matthew D. Keller, Ted Baughman, Benjamin K. Wilson

2019, Oct 31 | The Lancet

Lipoarabinomannan point-of-care tests: evaluation with fresh samples needed

Connelly JT, Grant B, Munsamy V, Pym A, Somoskovi A.

2019, Oct 23 | Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Investigation of preanalytical variables impacting pathogen cell-free DNA in blood and urine

Murugesan, K, Hogan, CA, Palmer, Z, Reeve, B, Theron, G, Andama, A, Somoskovi, A, Steadman, A, Madan, D, Andrews, J, Croda, J, Sahoo, MK, Cattamanchi, A, Pinsky, BA, and N Banaei.


Fully-automated patient-level malaria assessment on field-prepared thin blood film microscopy images

Charles B. Delahunt, Matthew P. Horning, Christine M. Bachman, Jennifer Luchavez, Christian Luna, Liming Hu, Mayoore S. Jaiswal, Clay M. Thompson, Sourabh Kulhare, Samantha Janko, Benjamin K. Wilson, Travis Ostbye, Martha Mehanian, Roman Gebrehiwot, Grace Yun, David Bell, Stephane Proux, Jane Y. Carter, Wellington Oyibo, Dionicia Gamboa, Mehul Dhorda, Ranitha Vongpromek, Peter L. Chiodini, Bernhards Ogutu, Earl G. Long, Kyaw Tun, Thomas R. Burkot, Ken Lilley, Courosh Mehanian

2019, Oct 17 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Integrated robotic system for the development lateral flow assays

Toan Hyunh, Caitlin Anderson, David Gasperino, Stephen Harston, Helen Hsieh, Rosemichelle Marzan, John Williford, Ciela Oncina, Veronika Glukhova, David Cate, Kevin Nichols

2019, Oct 17 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Development of a simplified reader for digital droplet assays performed in limited resource settings

Byrnes, Samantha; Chang, Tim; Nash, David; Huynh, Toan; Weigl, Bernhard; Nichols, Kevin

2019, Jun 28 | Lab on a Chip

Sensitivity enhancement in lateral flow assays: a systems perspective

Bishop, Josh; Hsieh, Helen; Gasperino, David; Weigl, Bernhard.

2019, Mar 26 | PLoS ONE

Ultrasensitive detection of lipoarabinomannan with plasmonic grating biosensors in clinical samples of HIV negative patients with tuberculosis

Wood, Aaron; Barizuddin, Syed; Darr, Charles; Mathai, Cherian; Ball, Alexey; Minch, Kyle; Somoskövi, Akos; Hamasur, Beston; Connelly, John; Weigl, Bernhard; Andama, Alfred; Cattamanchi, Adithya; Gangopadhyay, Keshab; Bok, Sangho; Gangopadhyay, S.

2019, Mar 04 | Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

Development of a low cost SWIR spectrometer for low resource settings (conference presentation)

Matthew D. Keller, James W. Stafford, Wenbo Wang, Ryan Calderon, Benjamin K. Wilson

2019, Feb 06 | PLoS ONE

Assessment of a storage system to deliver uninterrupted therapeutic oxygen during power outages in resource-limited settings

Ryan Calderon, Melissa C. Morgan, Mark Kuiper, Harriet Nambuya, Nicholas Wangwe, Akos Somoskovi, Daniel Lieberman

2019, Jan 22 | Journal of Medical Devices

A robust incubator to improve access to microbiological culture in low resource environments

Andrew K. Miller, Simon Ghionea, Manivanh Vongsouvath, Viengmon Davong, Mayfong Mayxay, Akos Somoskovi, Paul N. Newton, David Bell, Michael Friend

2019, Jan 10 | Journal of the National Cancer Institute

An observational study of deep learning and automated evaluation of cervical images for cancer screening

Liming Hu, David Bell, Sameer Antani, Zhiyun Xue, Kai Yu, Matthew P Horning, Noni Gachuhi, Benjamin Wilson, Mayoore S Jaiswal, Brian Befano, L Rodney Long, Rolando Herrero, Mark H Einstein, Robert D Burk, Maria Demarco, Julia C Gage, Ana Cecilia Rodriguez, Nicolas Wentzensen, Mark Schiffman

2018, Dec 06 | African Journal of Laboratory Medicine

Need for better adherence to optimal incubation temperature for quality laboratory diagnostics and antibiotic resistance monitoring

Cristina Gutierrez, Akos Somoskovi, Kris Natarajan, David Bell
Tags: Incubator
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2018, Oct 02 | Scientific Reports

A phage-based assay for the rapid, quantitative, and single CFU visualization of E. coli (ECOR #13) in drinking water

Troy C. Hinkley, Sangita Singh, Spencer Garing, Anne-Laure M. Le Ny, Kevin P. Nichols, Joseph E. Peters, Joey N. Talbert, Sam R. Nugen

2018, Sep 25 | Malaria Journal

Automated microscopy for routine malaria diagnosis: a field comparison on Giemsa-stained blood films in Peru

Katherine Torres, Christine M. Bachman, Charles B. Delahunt, Jhonatan Alarcon Baldeon, Freddy Alava, Dionicia Gamboa Vilela, Stephane Proux, Courosh Mehanian, Shawn K. McGuire, Clay M. Thompson, Travis Ostbye, Liming Hu, Mayoore S. Jaiswal, Victoria M. Hunt, David Bell

2018, Aug 07 | Analytical Chemistry

Simple polydisperse droplet emulsion polymerase chain reaction with statistical volumetric correction compared with microfluidic droplet digital polymerase chain reaction

Byrnes, Samantha; Chang, Tim; Huynh, Toan; Astashkina, Anna; Weigl, Bernhard; Nichols, Kevin.

2018, Aug 02 | The Royal Society of Chemistry

Reporter bacteriophage T7(NLC) utilizes a novel NanoLuc::CBM fusion for the ultrasensitive detection of Escherichia coli in water

T. C. Hinkley, S. Garing, S. Singh, A-L. M. Le Ny, K. P. Nichols, J. E. Peters, J. N. Talbert, S. R. Nugen

2018, May 18 | The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Rapid establishment of a cold chain capacity of –60°C or colder for the STRIVE Ebola vaccine trial during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

Morrison O Jusu, Geoffrey Glauser, Jane F Seward, Mohamed Bawoh, Judith Tempel, Michael Friend, Daniel Littlefield, Michael Lahai, Hassan M Jalloh, Amara Bangali Sesay, Amanda F Caulker, Mohamed Samai, Vasavi Thomas, Nicholas Farrell, Marc-Alain Widdowson

2018, Apr 23 | Analytical Chemistry

Threshold-based quantification in a multiline lateral flow assay via computationally designed capture efficiency

Gasperino, David; Leon, Daniel; Lutz, Barry; Cate, David; Nichols, Kevin; Bell, David; Weigl, Bernhard.

2018, Apr 03 | Biophotonics Congress

The challenges and prospects of microscopy and biophotonics in low resource settings

Benjamin K. Wilson, Matthew Horning, Courosh Mehanian, Charles Delahunt, Liming Hu, Mayoore Jaiswal, Shawn McGuire, David Bell

2018, Mar 29 | Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry

Improving lateral flow assay performance using computational modeling

Gasperino, David; Baughman, Ted; Hsieh, Helen; Bell, David; Weigl, Bernhard.

2018, Feb 13 | Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

Detecting adulterants in milk with lower cost mid-infrared and Raman spectroscopy

Changwon Lee, Wenbo Wang, Benjamin K. Wilson, Marie Connett, Matthew D. Keller

2018, Feb 13 | Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

Characterization of cervigram image sharpness using multiple self-referenced measurements and random forest classifiers

Mayoore Jaiswal, Matt Horning, Liming Hu, Yau Ben-Or, Cary Champlin, Benjamin Wilson, David Levitz

2017, Dec 29 | PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

A highly stable blood meal alternative for rearing Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes.

Baughman, T, Peterson, C, Ortega, C, Preston, SR, Paton, C, Williams, J, Guy, A, Omodei, G, Johnson, B, Williams, H, O’Neill, SL, Ritchie, SA, Dobson, SL, and D Madan.

2017, Dec 19 | Food and Nutrition Bulletin

First field test of an innovative, wider tape to measure mid-upper arm circumference in young Laotian children

Hess, Sonja Y., Guy-Marino Hinnouho, Maxwell A. Barffour, Bangone Bounheuang, Charles D. Arnold, David Bell, Tola H. Marts, and Sengchanh Kounnavong

2017, Dec 09 | Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics

Selecting analytical biomarkers for diagnostic applications: a first principles approach

Samantha Byrnes, Bernhard Weigl

2017, Oct 22 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Computer-automated Malaria diagnosis and quantitation using Convolutional Neural Networks

Courosh Mehanian, Mayoore Jaiswal, Charles Delahunt, Clay Thompson, Matt Horning, Liming Hu, Shawn McGuire, Travis Ostbye, Martha Mehanian, Ben Wilson, Cary Champlin, Earl Long, Stephane Proux, Dionicia Gamboa, Peter Chiodini, Jane Carter, Mehul Dhorda, David Isaboke, Bernhards Ogutu, Wellington Oyibo, Elizabeth Villasis, Kyaw Myo Tun, Christine Bachman, David Bell

2017, Jun 02 | Biomicrofluidics

Rapid concentration and elution of malarial antigen histidine-rich protein II using solid phase Zn(II) resin in a simple flow-through pipette tip format

Bauer, Westley; Richardson, Kelly; Adams, Nicholas; Ricks, Keersten; Gasperino, David; Ghionea, Simon; Rosen, Mathew; Nichols, Kevin & Weigl, Bernhard; Haselton, Frederick; Wright, David.

2017, May 03 | The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

A new handheld device for the detection of falsified medicines: demonstration on falsified artemisinin-based therapies from the field

Benjamin K. Wilson, Harparkash Kaur, Elizabeth Louise Allan, Anthony Lozama, David Bell

2016, Oct 13 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

A SDD and PCM solution for vaccine storage and outreach

Junshan Michael Li, Michael Friend, Andrew Miller, Shannon Stone

2016, Jun 17 | Scientific Reports

Maintaining semen quality by improving cold chain equipment used in cattle artificial insemination

Daniel Lieberman, Elizabeth McClure, Stephen Harston, Damian Madan 

2016, Jun 13 | Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine

More than just accuracy: A novel method to incorporate multiple test attributes in evaluating diagnostic tests including point of care tests

Thompson, Matthew; Weigl, Bernhard; Fitzpatrick, Annette; Ide, Nicole.

2016, Jun 01 | Point of Care

The next phase for point-of-care testing in resource-limited settings noncommunicable disease

Schroeder, Lee; Labarre, Paul; Weigl, Bernhard; Amukele, Timothy.

2016, Feb 18 | Scientific Reports

Laser induced mortality of Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes

Matthew D. Keller, David J. Leahy, Bryan J. Norton, ric Johanson, Emma R. Mullen, Maclen Marvit, Arty Makagon

2015, Oct 08 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Automated microscopy and machine learning for expert-level malaria field diagnosis

Charles B. Delahunt, Courosh Mehanian, Liming Hu, Shawn K. McGuire, Cary R. Champlin, Matthew P. Horning, Benjamin K. Wilson, Clay M. Thompon

2015, Oct 08 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Challenging requirements in resource challenged environment on a time challenged schedule: A technical solution to support the cold chain for the VSV-Zebov (Merck) Ebola vaccine in Sierra Leone Guinea

Michael Friend, Shannon Stone

2014, Apr 17 | Malaria Journal

Limitations of haemozoin-based diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum using dark-field microscopy

Charles Delahunt, Matthew P. Horning, Benjamin K. Wilson, Joshua L. Proctor, Michael C. Hegg

2014, Apr 15 | Lab on a Chip

A paper microfluidic cartridge for automated staining of malaria parasites with an optically transparent microscopy window

Matthew P. Horning, Charles B. Delahunt, S. Ryan Singh, Spencer H. Garinga, Kevin P. Nichols

2013, Aug 20 | Biomedical Optics Express

Automated bacterial identification by angle resolved dark-field imaging

Benjamin K. Wilson, Genevieve D. Vigil

2011, Jun 08 | Optics Express

Detection of malarial byproduct hemozoin utilizing its unique scattering properties

Benjamin K. Wilson, Matthew R. Behrend, Matthew P. Horning, Michael C. Hegg