December 1, 2020
Veterinary Parasitology

An alternative cold chain for storing and transporting East Coast fever vaccine

David Kalenzi Atuhaire, Daniel Lieberman, Tanguy Marcotty, Antony Jim Musoke, Damian Madan

East Coast fever (ECF) is an often fatal, economically important cattle disease that predominantly affects eastern, central, and southern Africa. ECF is controlled through vaccination by means of simultaneous injection of oxytetracycline and cryogenically preserved stabilate containing live, disease-causing parasites. Storage and transportation of the stabilate requires liquid nitrogen, a commodity that is commonly unreliable in low-resource settings. Here we show that storage of conventionally prepared stabilate at −80 °C for up to 30 days does not significantly affect its ability to infect cultured peripheral blood mononucleated cells or live cattle, suggesting an alternative cold chain that maintains these temperatures could be used to effectively manage ECF.

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